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Dear PFMA Member,

As you know, being responsible for facilities management is a demanding and sometimes thankless job. Please take the opportunity to nominate a fellow PFMA member for an award recognizing their hard work and dedication to providing the best facilities management possible. Awards will be announced at the 2019 PFMA Conference Dinner and Awards Ceremony. The following are the eligible award categories:

Manager of the Year:
This award is limited to PFMA members who are serving in any capacity and is based on professional and technical proficiency and on criteria to be established by the Awards Committee. This award is made annually.

Outstanding Achievement:
This award may be conferred to anyone who has made an outstanding contribution over and beyond their normal duties to a facility, a department, the Commonwealth, the organization or to the science of facilities engineering in general. Any active member can make a nomination. It must be accompanied by a recommendation detailed sufficiently for evaluation and consideration by the Awards Committee. This award need not be limited to PFMA members and may be presented annually to one or more persons at the discretion of the Awards Committee.

Special Recognition:
This award may be conferred on anyone who has helped promote or support the Association. This award need not be limited to members. In addition, nominations for 2020 PFMA Officer Positions are requested. The Nominating Committee will prepare a slate of eligible members of the Association for each office to be filled. This slate will be presented and voted upon by all active members at the annual PFMA business meeting scheduled during the annual conference. Please obtain the approval of the nominee’s home department, immediate supervisor and gain the consent of the candidate prior to placing their name in nomination.

The following are the PFMA officer positions up for election:

Second Vice President:
Duties include: Serving as an alternate for the First Vice President and assuming their duties should the First Vice President be unable to function. Chairing the Auditing Committee.

Duties include: Keeping the membership rolls, mailing list, and record minutes of the annual meeting of the Association and meetings of the Board of Directors. Collecting dues and keeping a record of all funds received/disbursed by the Association and pay all bills approved by the President and/or Board of Directors. This position shall be salaried. The salary paid to the Secretary/Treasurer shall be set by the Board of Directors less the Secretary/Treasurer.

Please complete the 2019 PFMA Awards Notification Form and 2020 PFMA Position Nomination Form and email them to me at: [email protected] no later than July 28, 2019 to allow time for evaluation.

Thank you in advance for your submission of Award(s) and 2020 PFMA Officer Position nominations.

Amber Gratkowski, CFM
2019 PFMA President